The BioEcoSS TubeTrap

The BioEcoSS TubeTrap is a radical new design of small mammal trap. It has been developed to provide a simple, robust and cost-effective trap for use by research organisations, conservation groups, universities and schools. The trap has been trialled extensively, which shows that capture rates are comparable to existing traps. It has many unique design features which make it the ideal choice for both small surveys and large research projects. Check out these features here.


Trap Sales Have Come Back In-house

BioEcoSS Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is now the sole retailer of the TubeTrap. This has allowed prices to be reduced considerably from the previous retail prices and a more personalised sales service. From 26th January 2018 all existing and new customers can use the Online Order Form to send an order directly to BioEcoSS Ltd.

12th December 2016 - Replacement Door with a Shrew-Hole

BioEcoSS Ltd has produced a new door with a shrew-hole which can easily be snapped into existing traps.
See TubeTrap Snippets for more details.