New features of the Mark II BioEcoSS TubeTrap

Greatly improved treadle mechanism to prevent accidental trips

• Smaller and lighter treadle with a single leg.

• Redesigned geometry to ensure the trap remains set when knocked, even at the lightest trip-weight.

• Longer door-spring provides more even tension, so the door closes more gently.

• Redesigned door catch provides less resistance, so the door closes more easily.

New features to prevent rain and snow impeding closure

• Tunnel floor has flutes on either side to encourage rain run-off.

• Redesigned door with new stop to prevent it closing flat on the tunnel floor.

• Door pin sockets have new shape to shed water and dirt more easily.

Affordable conversions kits available to upgrade existing traps

Features of the original Mark I BioEcoSS TubeTrap

Innovative Shape & Materials

• All-plastic construction for zero corrosion and self-lubricating parts.

• Multi-coloured plastic provides excellent camouflage.

• Cylindrical design provides extremely strong construction.

• Smooth profile with no sharp corners allows easy placement and removal in dense vegetation.

• Double-walled nestbox for excellent insulation. Keeps warm in winter, cool in summer and reduces condensation.

• Simple and strong push-click mechanism for locking tunnel into nestbox – cannot accidentally spring open.

• Hinged tunnel opens through 180° for ease of access and cleaning.

• Unobstructed tunnel baseplate for ease of cleaning.

• Smooth internal profile to prevent harm or escape – no small convex edges to gnaw.

Sensitive & Efficient Treadle Mechanism

• Extremely sensitive trip mechanism allows minimum setting of 3g.

• Easily adjustable trip weights with clearly visible setting.

• Counter-balanced, articulated treadle mechanism reduces accidental tripping.

Bottom-hinged Trap Door

• Elastomer spring-loaded door to ensure quick & clean closure.

• Spring-loaded door also ensures full closure even when traps are tilted at up to 45°.

• Bright white door and distinctive shape make it clearly visible in both open and closed positions – even at night.

• Door catch to prevent escapes – easily released allowing one-handed setting in situ.

• Prebait lock with simple 90° twist mechanism – highly visible, so it can be seen clearly at night – virtually impossible to leave the trap accidentaly locked open.

Additional Features

• All parts snap-fit together, allowing easy assembly and replacement of damaged parts – even in the field.

• Swivelling foot provides increased stability.

• Transparent name-plate holder allowing user-defined numbers and user’s details to be displayed clearly.