The CarryCase for BioEcoSS TubeTraps

The innovative design of the TubeTrap CarryCase gives many useful features:

  • All-plastic construction gives a strong and robust carrier.
  • Internal compartments keep traps separated and secureā€“ no more "trap rattle" in transit.
  • The shallow base allows nest boxes to be filled easily with food and bedding.
  • The strong cord handle with sliding tube grip makes it easy for one researcher to carry 20, or even 40 traps into the field.
  • The regular 2 x 5 layout of compartments helps to count the traps on collection ā€“ easy to see if a trap has been missed.
  • The water-resistant base can be used to wash a batch of traps after use ā€“ allows easy drainage and drying.
  • Strong "hook & loop" fasteners secure the lid firmly for storage.
  • Clear plastic A6 envelope on the lid to hold details of contents and ownership for storage and transportation.