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Please use this online form to send an order to BioEcoSS Ltd. There are four main tabs for different types of information:

  • Personal Details:   Fields marked * are mandatory, which must be complete before you can submit an order. Please also provide at least one phone number (marked +), either a mobile or land-line. You can also enter two additional addresses for delivery and invoices/receipts if necessary. This tab also has three checkboxes. If you check these, it will help BioEcoSS to provide a good service, by keeping a record of your past orders (for example whether you have Mark I or Mark II TubeTraps) and by informing you of new trap developments.
  • TubeTraps & CarryCases:   Here yo can enter the number of the two different trap types and/or CarryCases. This tab also calculates any discount that is applicable.
  • Spare Parts:   All the spare parts for Mark II TubeTraps are available separately.
  • Order Summary:   The table shows a summary of your order, including carriage and VAT, which are calculated automatically. If you have place a very large order, or you are ordering from overseas, the carriage will display a message advising you to contact BioEcoSS. You can make payment either by internet bank transfer or by cheque. Goods will be shipped after payment has been received. Finally, there is a "Submit" button which will place the order and send you an email with a copy of the order and payment details.

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