TubeTrap Snippets!

This is a new page on the BioEcoSS TubeTrap website. The idea is to provide short articles or snippets of information about TubeTraps and their use. I hope that these will give additional advice and guidance, some of it anecdotal, some comprising more factual details.

If you have any TubeTrap experiences, let me know and I will compile them into articles.

Simon Poulton: 1st January 2014


1. Small Mammal Trapping in the Himalaya (2nd January 2014)
2. TubeTrap Capture Weights (20th January 2014)
3. A Comparison of the Efficacy of TubeTraps versus Longworth Traps (18th February 2014)
4. A New Shrew-Hole Door (31st December 2016)