4. A New Shrew-Hole Solution for the BioEcoSS TubeTrap


Licence constraints in certain parts of the British Isles can make capturing shrews problematical. I was contacted recently by a researcher in the Republic of Ireland who wanted to use TubeTraps for bank voles, but didn't want to catch shrews.

The Solution

I had been thinking about producing a door with a shrew-hole for TubeTraps for some time, so this was a great opportunity to try out the idea. The are several advantages of this approach;

  • The modular design of the TubeTrap allows new parts to be snapped into place very easily
  • Consequently, existing traps could be converted very easily.
  • Similarly, TubeTraps bought with shrew-hole doors could be converted easily into standard traps.
  • The modified doors would add little to the cost of traps and make conversion a cheap option.

The New Shrew-Hole Door

The door has a 12mm hole placed near to the top edge. It is reinforced with a steel grommet which is crimped around the hole to prevent gnawing by mice and voles. The door works in exactly the same way as a standard door and doesn't inhibit its action in any way.

Here are some photos of the new door in place.

All Photos © Simon Poulton

Feedback from Dr Ilse Corkery
(RaptorLIFE Project Scientist, James O’Keeffe Institute, Republic of Ireland)

“… Out of 300 trap rounds (in 4 different habitats), I caught 53 bank voles (2 recaptures) and 2 field mice. There were 9 occasions when a trap was found shut but with nothing inside. No shrews, so that was great! …”

Purchasing the new Shrew-Hole Doors

The new doors are available directly from BioEcoSS Ltd through the new Online Order form., along with all the other TubeTrap products.

Simon Poulton: 12th December 2016