The Mammal Society / BTO Winter Mammal Monitoring Pilot Project

This three-year project was undertaken jointly by The Mammal Society and the British Trust for Ornithology. It involved over 1000 volunteers in approximately 1,500 sites and gathered data on over 30 species of mammals. BioEcoSS had two roles in this project:

a) Firstly, the development of a database in MS Access to hold these data. This was a replicated database, with satellites used by the different organisations for data entry and a core database where all the data were collated. The database stored administrative information on sites and volunteers, data on mammal sighting and signs, as well as habitat and questionnaire information. Sophisticated output queries generated data for export and formatted reports allowed feedback to site owners.
b) Secondly, to undertake a large part of the final analysis. In particular, this focused on methodological analyses, including Comparison of Statistical Models, Power Analysis and Factors influencing Site Turnover. In addition, the responsibility for much of the graphics production and editing fell to BioEcoSS. The final report was published as a joint BTO, TMS Research Report (Noble et al; 2005)