Database Design

BioEcoSS Ltd. has specialised in custom ecological database design over the last fifteen years. Many of these have been developed in Microsoft Access, but the advent of cloud computing has brought huge advantages to both the client and developer. Whatever platform is used, BioEcoSS ensures robust database design by:

  • Close integration with client requirements,
  • Fully relational design to ensure strong data integrity and low data redundency, allied to,
  • Powerful validation to ensure correct data entry and import,
  • Well structured and optimised queries to provide fast data access and output,
  • Sophisticated front-ends to provide strong security, intuitive navigation and easy data input screens.

BioEcoSS databases (such as EMD and VWT batbox DB have been in continuous use for many years and often lead to follow-up data analysis projects. See some examples of these projects on the next page.