The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) Batbox Database and Analysis

The VWT has been trialling several types of batbox over the last twelve years. BioEcoSS Ltd. was granted a contract to assist them with their data storage and analysis requirements. This contract comprised two stages:

a) To build a database to hold nearly 70,000 inspection records, with the type and location details of the batbox, the species bat present and, where possible, biological data about individual bats. This was a multi-user database with satellite copies allowing five users to enter data which was then collated by the Database Administrator. The database allowed monthly reports to be generated by site and species, as well as ad hoc interrogation using a custom query builder.
b) Subsequently these data were analysed using statistical techniques such as logistic regression. The results showed a highly significant geographical variation in batbox usage and a strong preference by bats for concrete rather than wooden boxes. Furthermore, bat counts and species counts all increased significantly with the length of time the boxes had been established. These results were presented to VWT in the final report (Poulton; 2006).